Alex Au-Yeung

I love Vancouver and what it has to offer.   From culture to business to lifestyle, Vancouver has it all, and it’s going to only get better with the addition of the city’s new construction machine.    Find out how I believe it’s going to change more than just the Vancouver construction industry.

Name: Alex Au-Yeung
Title: President
Company: Vancouver Business Network Forum

VBNF is a multicultural business group in Vancouver since 2004 and now has over 30,000 contacts around the world with most of them in Vancouver and Asia. Our strength is to help bridge businesses between the East and the West. Vancouver is the best city connecting business people in Asia, especially China, where they have a vast amount of resources from financing to many different materials.

We are interested in any high quality projects that may need investors or partners to expedite the progress of the projects. Through our work, we can resolve the cultural gap between cultures. We also can be involved in the projects to ensure completion as partner.